Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Learning & Community Centre

Wakefield Road, Kinsley, Pontefract, UK view map

Opportunities available

Telephone Befriending

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Older, vulnerable and isolated community members would welcome a chat via the telephone on a regular basis

Shopper/Delivery Volunteer

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Our local vulnerable and isolated people need our help. We need volunteers to shop for them, within their budget and deliver their shopping, leaving it on their doorstep

Volunteer Dog Walking Service

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Dogs will be kept on a lead at all times, and poo will be collected by the volunteer in their own bags to avoid bringing the virus in to your home on the bag roll

Collect Prescriptions

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Some members of the community may need medicines or prescriptions collected from a local pharmacy or supermarket

Food Organisers

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At the Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Learning & Community Centre we have secured bulk ordering direct to the centre from a wholesaler. We would need volunteers to deliver